I seem to have fallen behind!

So here we have the rest, together.







In order: Silver Swan, Icemaiden (in the wrong costume, whoops!), Golden Glider, Creeper, Pied Piper, and last but not least – the object of Beast’s Boy’s earlier yearnings – Jinx!

Hope you all enjoyed these! Lots of characters I hadn’t heard of before, despite my fangirling, so I’m happy to have learned something 🙂

And if you’re celebrating today, have a joyous holiday!

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So the lovely Jen Goodsell over on Insta set a new sketch prompt for the Twelve Days of Christmas – Twelve Days of DC, with a prompt list that starts with Poison Ivy.

…..I may not celebrate Christmas, but how could I resist?

I also think the idea is for them to be more holiday themed, which I will attempt for the rest of them. But my own concern for the environment – and Ivy’s concern, of course – won out for this one. So we get her seriousness and her power.

Hope you all enjoy these as I finish up other projects! ❤



I try really hard not to fangirl too much on my art sites, other than posting fanart. But I saw Suicide Squad this weekend, and of course I have many many thoughts.

(Don’t worry, mostly positive ones. Like 95% positive.)

**And spoilers follow, very much so.**


RWBY, pencil sketches

More fangirling. If you enjoy anime and girl power and awesome quirky characters and awesome battle scenes, and you haven’t seen it already, you really should check out RWBY.

Webseries, very quick watch, on its second season right now. Full of awesome. If I haven’t said that already.

So here’s some shipping – Jaune/Pyrrha and Ruby/Weiss, with Yang in the middle. Because she’s Powerhouse Queen of Everything.

Yes. I highly recommend it.

Characters © Roosterteeth, art © Rachel Marsh.

Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

Over on Tumblr this past week was a celebration of Fosterson – the love of Jane Foster and Thor Odinson, from Marvel’s “Thor,” that is.

AU Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

I only managed to get two pencil drawings done – one to start the week (of them as they are in the actual story) and one to end it, for the Alternate Universe day – but I posted my thoughts on them for each day as well. As such, it kind of turned into a study of their relationship, how I view it, which is always fun and important – studying romances I like in order to better my own writing, that is.

Here’s all my commentary, day by day, if you’re interested:

Day 1 – The Moment You Started to Ship Them/Why You Ship Them

Day 2 – Headcanons

Day 3 – Favorite location/scene/conversation/etc.

Day 4 – Natalie and Chris appreciation

Day 5 – Favorite quotes

Day 6 – Kink

Day7 – AU’s