“Pam Ivy” – a Harlivy ‘Jane Eyre’ AU


“So follow me into the dark
Break up a piece of your heart”

~ “Sway With Me,” Saweetie & GALXARA, “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)”

Here it is. The Harlivy/Jane Eyre AU you never asked for.

Pamela Du-Barry Isley (middle surname from “Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass”) is orphaned in her infancy and adopted by her closest maternal relatives, against their will. In her childhood, she displays unladylike intelligence and a strange affinity for plants and poisons, leading to her relatives to ship her off to Wayne Institution – a very strict charity school, overseen by the abusive Mr. Woodrue.

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Sunday Gnomedays 5-17-20


Time again 💕

This isn’t exactly what I’d hoped it would be, with my creativity levels being impacted by loss and grief and world conditions – BUT, this weekend something monumental happened in the world of all-ages animated television (and something else in adult-oriented animated television too), so I wanted to do what I could to honor that amazingness.

💫💗 I’m so grateful that I got to see what happened happen in my lifetime. 💗💫

Thank you to everyone involved in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (especially the amazing Noelle Stevenson) and everyone involved in DC Universe’s “Harley Quinn” too. We are blessed.

So, on that note, here are two sapphic “Tock the Gnome” style noblewomen being safely and lovely in love. And in case you missed it yesterday, a new page is available now too! Hope you enjoy it, and are this day (and all days) enjoying stories that reflect and empower who you are.


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Mother of the Rebellion


(Belated) May the 4th be with you!!! 

(I was busy watching “Star Wars” yesterday and thusly unable to post this on time. Not sorry.)

And may the mother of the rebellion always inspire us all 🖤

To be fair, I have a LOT of other important things that needed attention, but after yesterday I needed some self indulgent Padmé first. “Star Wars” has been special to me since I was very small, but Padmé will always stand out as the heart of the prequels to me, if not the entire series, and shall forever be my anchor in my Star Wars fangirling. Thank you for inspiring me to be true to myself, blessed Queen and Senator, to be unafraid to love, and to make sure the characters I write are nuanced as hell.

Special shoutouts of course to Natalie Portman for bringing her to life, Kelsey on Instagram ( personal here / art here ) for inspiring me to be open about my Padmé devotion, and to EK Johnston for all her work on keeping the integrity and strength of Padmé’s story in focus!! Can’t waaaaait for the next book.


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Sketch – ScarletVision nose kiss


(Creative title is creative.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’d had a lot of trouble getting drawing again after the push of show prep and actually doing the festival itself. I did get working on the Tock WIP I posted, eventually, but what really got me drawing again is this.

Moral of the story: When in art-block, start drawing your OTP.


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WIP and coloring page – “It Works”


This is demanding finishing up regardless of anything/everything else I have going on.

Aaaaaaand since the linework is so pretty, I figured I’d make a coloring page out of it! Please enjoy and tag me ( @rachelillustrates or #rachelillustrates ) if you use it ❤

Also, in addition to being OBSESSED with these two now (I’m fine. Don’t send help) I highly suggest “Celestial Bodies” by AnontheNullifier if you’re in need of a less catastrophic AU of their development. It’s delicious and perfect.

Shot of the pencilwork here.


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