“Pam Ivy” – a Harlivy ‘Jane Eyre’ AU


“So follow me into the dark
Break up a piece of your heart”

~ “Sway With Me,” Saweetie & GALXARA, “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)”

Here it is. The Harlivy/Jane Eyre AU you never asked for.

Pamela Du-Barry Isley (middle surname from “Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass”) is orphaned in her infancy and adopted by her closest maternal relatives, against their will. In her childhood, she displays unladylike intelligence and a strange affinity for plants and poisons, leading to her relatives to ship her off to Wayne Institution – a very strict charity school, overseen by the abusive Mr. Woodrue.

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Mother of the Rebellion


(Belated) May the 4th be with you!!! 

(I was busy watching “Star Wars” yesterday and thusly unable to post this on time. Not sorry.)

And may the mother of the rebellion always inspire us all 🖤

To be fair, I have a LOT of other important things that needed attention, but after yesterday I needed some self indulgent Padmé first. “Star Wars” has been special to me since I was very small, but Padmé will always stand out as the heart of the prequels to me, if not the entire series, and shall forever be my anchor in my Star Wars fangirling. Thank you for inspiring me to be true to myself, blessed Queen and Senator, to be unafraid to love, and to make sure the characters I write are nuanced as hell.

Special shoutouts of course to Natalie Portman for bringing her to life, Kelsey on Instagram ( personal here / art here ) for inspiring me to be open about my Padmé devotion, and to EK Johnston for all her work on keeping the integrity and strength of Padmé’s story in focus!! Can’t waaaaait for the next book.


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-3-20 – Google Gnomes


Google recently re-released (or re-promoted, I thought it had been taken down but I might be wrong) their Gnome Toss game, originally posted June 10th, 2018 in celebration of Garden Gnomes and their original creation in Thuringia, Germany.

Firstly, OH MY HEART YAY IT’S BACK. And secondly, I couldn’t resist drawing my two favorite Gnomes from the game, this time around. Many thanks to Gerben Steenks for designing them, and to everyone who worked on the game!!

Warms this quarantined Gnome’s heart, to get to play it again, for sure 💚

(And if you haven’t played it, click the link above to check it out!! A lot of the design work, for the characters and the world, is posted there too!)


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CoD – “Crazy Beautiful”


Happy Fanart Friday! Which means posting this finished illustration of these two lovely fae from “The Chronicles of Dru” 💕

Friends of mine (the Weber sisters) run this series, featuring illustrated adventure and romance stories with a very 80’s fantasy vibe, written and drawn by several different artists. As mentioned when I recently posted the pencilwork for this – in catching up on some of the series’ tales, I seem to have fallen into another ship. Very enthusiastically and ungracefully 😅

So here’s Quinn, a very cheerful Drow necromancer and Nashandra, an Orc earth mage , both from “The Sunlit Crypts” by Raye Steinman.

I have no idea if they’re gonna get together in the end, but at least for now, I’m imagining they’ll find happiness together.

Relatedly, I have also gotten to contribute to the world of Dru myself!! You can read it here, I hope you check it out and explore the rest of Dru as well!! It is such a fun, lighthearted series – definitely recommending it extra in these uncertain times. 🖤


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Sketch – Crazy Beautiful


So I plan on finishing this up but I couldn’t resist sharing the pencil work now, because I am kinda o b s e s s e d with these two.

Drow necromancer Quinn and Orc earth mage Nashandra from Raye Steinman‘s “The Sunlit Crypts,” illustrated by Dr. Jaclyn Weber and Dr. Emily Weber.

The story has a much larger, gorgeous plot about an aggressively optimistic Dark Elf necromancer (Quinn herself) fighting super hard to bring to light the reality behind an awful plague that’s decimating the Elven population, aided by two amazing Orcs. Including Nashandra.

And I tried really, REALLY hard not to ship them. Because there’s way more going on in the story and there’s no guarantee these two will end up romantic, I promise I tried.

And then I massively, m a s s i v e l y failed (seriously. Go read the illustrated version and look at my comments. I am hopeless).

So, please be inspired by this and go read the story. SO GOOD.


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Six Fanarts (one)


Ta daaaaa, here’s my (first) Six Fanarts challenge ❤

Characters were chosen from suggestions from my followers over multiple platforms, mostly by what jumped out at me first – but it was REALLY hard to pick! You all made great suggestions!!!

…..which is why there’s gonna be another one (I can’t NOT drawn Xavin. There is a rule).

But for now:

💫 Wonder Woman
💜 Princess Amethyst from DC Comics as an anime baby (went Studio Ghibli style because I couldn’t resist)
🌠 Skywise from “Elfquest”
💙 Connor Murphy from “Dear Evan Hansen”
🌪 Princess Spinnerella from “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”
🛡❤ Canonically nonbinary Link from “The Legend of Zelda”

Thanks so much for all your requests, everyone!! Now, on to the next one!


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