Kid’s menu/placemat design, Kilpatrick’s


Kilpatrick’s Public House that is, the only Irish Pub here in Ithaca NY!

A while ago I was asked to do this, and I am very grateful that it’s finally worked out (and that they were on board with me drawing oodles of Irish faeries)! This drawing is very much in service to them – I hope that anyone looking at this or coloring it as they wait for their meal thinks about the fae, and the richness of Irish culture.

From the top left, counter-clockwise:

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Look what’s getting illustrated!

Hey everyone! Remember that contest I entered last year, and happen to delightfully have won?

Well it’s time!


I am so very honored to have contributed to the lovely “Chronicles of Dru,” and especially to have brought Gnomes into that world (Gnomish agenda progressing, muhahaha).

Click here to check out the entire series, and here to check out my story as it’s being illustrated! (More pages to be posted soon, if you’re impatient you can also look for them on dA here and here.)

And thank you, once again, to the lovely Weber sisters. I am truly grateful to have gotten to contribute to your world!


Story by me, “The Chronicles of Dru” © Jaclyn, Emily and Natasha Weber.


Rachel and the Faeries


Okay, considering that I advertise this as a Faerie Faith website, I should probably talk some about my own experiences with Faerie.

I haven’t had anything like they say in the stories – actually getting pulled between the worlds, or seeing little maidens with bright butterfly wings, etc. But I have felt their presence in my life, more and more as I have come to accept my belief in them. Here is some of how that has happened for me.

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New York Faerie Festival this weekend!

Just spreading the word that starting tomorrow, from 11am to 7pm (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the New York Faerie Festival is going on!

I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon, but here’s a heads up in case you’re in the Central New York state area and are so inclined. I’ve gone two years in a row now, since I’m lucky enough to live nearby, and I can honestly say its a wonderful time.

Here’s some pictures from 2012 and 2013:

1653802_10100217970881843_1228012748_n  1012558_10100217970268073_1617159710_n  1796618_10100217970158293_1903455933_n  1798682_10100217970372863_1788903417_n  1926756_10100217971196213_624370857_n

Check out the website for more information and directions!