Time again 🙂

Also, Gnomevember approaches! Keep watch for a prompt list sometime this week.



It’s Sunday Gnomedays time again 💗

(Featuring Carwen, Gnomish goddess of love from “Tock the Gnome.” #tockspam ).

And a special welcome to anyone newly visiting from my art show at the Hilton Garden Inn Ithaca NY ! Hope you enjoy what you see here, and thank you!

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Time again ❤

Inspired by my own concern for the environment and desperation for positivity. Featuring Kimmer, goddess of soil and all plant life, both tame and wild, from my comic “Tock the Gnome.”


Time again ❤ To go with last week’s, for a reimagining of something else I create… (again, more on that soon).

Time again ❤

This one will be paired with another one soon, both designed to go with a reimagining of something else I create…


Something special this week for the last day of “Seven Years of Tock” – a celebration I’d been having this past month for my comic Tock the Gnome‘s anniversary.

This goes with a short story (made up of five really short stories), which you can read here! 

And to see all the “Seven Years of Tock” Bonus material, click here!

I intended on doing something for Seven Years of Tock again, this time, but I am facing a loss so this is the best I can do. Gonna try to do more tomorrow.

(And for those of you who are confused about this Seven Years business, check out 💛 )