Happy Sunday everyone!

Here’s some context ❀

Not sure what she’s praying for, but its been a challenging week here, so this manifested.



Posting a day late because I am a silly person who draws things late into the day I intended on posting them in the first place, and then spaces out on which social media those things need to be posted on. Sigh.

Also, I hope if you’re having an equally grumping kind of day, that this helps ❀

Announcing the beginning of Sunday Gnomedays!

In interest of fostering Gnomish positivity, I will be doing a new Gnome drawing every Sunday. So here we are.

(Also thanks to my amazing wife for helping me pick which day of the week to do this on.)

Pencil sketch, "Observers"I drew this a while back after I dream I had in which I visited a Honey Badger sanctuary, and among everything else, there were two anthropomorphic badger people walking around, as if observing the place. I felt inspired that morning and even though these two don’t look much like the couple I saw in the dream, it was fun to play with what they might have been like.

(More of my badger folk at Tock the Gnome, by the way ❀ )

Pencil work, "Eurydice in Hades," personal pieceWork in progress on a personal piece.

I’ve been reading Emily Carding’s “Faery Craft” lately and trying to do the suggested activities (much more slowly than planned). One of the chapters covers a Faery Zodiac based on the four elements and Fae creatures. Mine fell into the Dryad section, Eurydice. It was also suggested that one create something about their connection to their Faery Zodiac (what resonates with you, etc.) so of course I had to take a shot.

I went and reread her myth, and found that she’s not very active or present in it at all, since its more about Orpheus’ quest (and failure) to return her to life because of his OWN heartbreak. That got me thinking a lot about HER, what she might have felt and how she might have been more accepting of her fate than he was. How as a Dryad, she was already a bit connected to the Underworld – through her roots – and how her connection to nature wasn’t necessarily broken by her death. And of course, how Persephone might take kindly to her. Which of course means my Gnomish version of her, as far as the art goes.

I’ve been working on this bit by bit for several months, and just recently started the inkwork. Hoping for full color once its done.


So obviously, Badger Folk drawing to celebrate as I’m trying to do for all the Sabbats this year.

But below is a story I want to share from last Midsummer, in which I missed an opportunity that may have been Fae in nature (this will also be included in something else I’m working on, an account of all my Faerie experiences so far, to be released sometime in the future).

Midsummer, 2014

This one, I’m not too proud of or too sure of. For I might have met a Faerie in human form and didn’t realize it until afterward.

I was again at work, having my lunch break in a park that’s just a block away, and I noticed a raggedy-looking middle aged man roaming around, looking for something in the grass.

Unexpectedly, he came up to me, a four leaf clover in his hand.

He asked me what I would pay for it.

And out of fear of human violence, I politely turned him down.

It was only after he walked away that I realized he might have been more than he seemed (especially on Midsummer, of all days!). I tried to forgive myself but still, selfishly, tried to get his attention again by dancing around a bent limb sculpture that’s there in the park. At this point he was talking to other people around, and he did watch me for a moment, but he was clearly not having it. I had missed my chance, and I just try to be grateful that he didn’t take offense, if he was truly Fae.

I share this now at a different point in my Faerie journey, and I hope if any other Fae magic comes my way today, I will not pass up my second chance.

Blessed Midsummer, everyone. May you be plentiful and grateful ❀

Not much art to speak of lately, but I’m in Georgia right now for my brother’s graduation and I had an opportunity to reach out to the Fae of this area a little bit.

We visited the Columbus Botanical Garden, and trying to be mindful, I took a moment to pause and introduce myself to the spirits there. A butterfly flew right at me immediately as I turned to enter. And the first flowers I saw were Fairy Roses.



I also was visited by a very curious bee as I continued through the gardens. I stopped and asked it politely to move on after it spent a few minutes circling me, explaining that I did not have anything for it. It did fly away then, but I might have seen it again later, as a couple bees were flying around and taking advantage of some shadier flowers. Here’s one of them below, just to make note, since they are so important and magical in and of themselves.


Hoping to continue my Faerie education, bit by bit πŸ™‚