Look what’s getting illustrated!

Hey everyone! Remember that contest I entered last year, and happen to delightfully have won?

Well it’s time!


I am so very honored to have contributed to the lovely “Chronicles of Dru,” and especially to have brought Gnomes into that world (Gnomish agenda progressing, muhahaha).

Click here to check out the entire series, and here to check out my story as it’s being illustrated! (More pages to be posted soon, if you’re impatient you can also look for them on dA here and here.)

And thank you, once again, to the lovely Weber sisters. I am truly grateful to have gotten to contribute to your world!


Story by me, “The Chronicles of Dru” © Jaclyn, Emily and Natasha Weber.



WIP – Lock Around My Heart

WIP, "Lock Around My Heart," ink drawking on paper

A piece of fanart I’ve been sloooooowly working on/picking at/etc. since MistyTang finished her wonderful comic “A Woman of Dust” back in March.
Couldn’t resist drawing Chara and Eirlys. Hoping to finish this up with a little color work eventually too.

Characters © MistyTang. Art by me.