Sunday Gnomedays 8-5-18


Happy Gnomish-devotional again, everyone 🍁

…it’s starting to feel like a little bit like Fall here, and I feel conflicted. How do you think the Gnomes feel about it?

(I am sure the fair folk have it well in hand.)


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Gnomevember 2017 day 9

Prompt – gems and minerals.

(Aka Victorian Gemstone Caretaker Gnomes time! I feel like she’s talking to it.)

Full prompt list available at the Shop/Contact tab above.

Sailor Earth

Sailor Moon was my introduction to anime when I was in middle school, and I still have bouts of fandom over it every now and then. So here's my take on what Sailor Earth would look like, if Tuxedo Mask hadn't been her "equivalent" in the series which was so not fair.

Pose reference comes from SenshiStock over at DeviantART, by the way : )