Sabbat Sketch – Blessed Yule (Persephone)


Rounding off this year’s focus on Persephone, here safe and warm in the arms of Hades .

Blessed Solstice to you all ~ may your holiday season be bright and smooth, full of gratitude, peace, and the light of sun-returning!


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Gnomevember 2018 days 8 & 9 – Family & Stone

More catchup!


Day 8 ~ Family

Featuring, therefore, the found-family of the crew of The Bucket, Tock and Bumble’s airship 🌬 Super closeup for this one on Tock and Bumble, to keep it as Gnome-focused as possible, but more on them and everyone else is available anytime at my patreon! 


Day 9 ~ Stone

The Gnomes of “Tock the Gnome” live mostly within two mountains, which sit atop a plateau, which the Dwarves live under. I had planned on doing something about the connection between their peoples regarding stone, as earth elementals, but with having to catch up I chose to focus on a single Gnome instead.

She is considering her own connection to the stone of the walls around her (by way of the stone of the caverns that the Gnomes and Dwarves meet in to trade, called Boundary Market).

In Tock’s world, that awareness of Gnomish connection to any element would come with magical awareness, too, but that has been sorely lacking in Tock’s time…. 🤫

More Gnomevember here ❤


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Sunday Gnomedays 9-2-18


Actually drawn very much specifically for fun on my birthday last week! And inspired, obviously, by “Princess Mononoke” – if you haven’t seen it, these wee folk are Kodama, Japanese tree spirits.

Gorgeous movie and a great reminder of how Faerie is everywhere ❤

(In addition to the excellent environmentalist messages, of course.)


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