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Fairy Fae Week 4 and 5, AND Happy International Women’s Day!

Continuing, and celebrating today!



Day 4, Heal/Devour

Once again I chose the Light/Seelie theme. So here’s something from “Tock the Gnome” backstory, two characters that need healing and could reach for it, in their union. But will they? 💗 



Day 5, Gift/Thief

Inspired by the Seelie side again – in honor of International Women’s Day, the Tockverse ladies (or at least as many of them as I could fit on the page) are here in solidarity. Growing together from the gift of all their varied relationships, individual strengths and differences.

True strength comes from that place of togetherness and cooperation, not competition. May we all build each other up and inspire each other, too!


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Gnomevember day 19

Prompt – Faerie Tale.
Featuring a mashup of two classic fairy tales that have been featured in “Tock the Gnome” bonus material before. Can you guess which ones?

(Bonus sketch also available at

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Sketch – Arla, lady Dwarf


A while ago I posted a poll on my deviantART and had a discussion – rachelillustrates.deviantart.c… – about adding a Dwarven lady rogue to Tock’s party (from Tock the Gnome that is).

The story has taken that idea in different directions than I planned – its still happening, but not as I originally envisioned. However, since there was so much interest in her (and her sideburns) I wanted to share the design I originally came up with after that discussion.

Here’s Arla. Hopefully she will show up in some other way, somewhere. And thanks again to everyone who gave their opinion on that poll, I am very grateful 🙂