Prompt – Quest!

Inspired by my wife’s idea of an adventurers lineup – and just to be clear, they are on their way to ask the dragons’ blessing before they head off to do noble deeds, NOT to slay them.

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Prompt – Storm.

Looks like Zeus is taking a day off, and there’s an unlikely substitute! 


Prompt – Wedding ❤

Some of the details are inspired by what my own was like (mostly that each bride is getting to do her own thing, stylistically, which worked very well for my wife and I). I imagine the bride on the left is a librarian, and the bride on the right works with birds.

Also, sometimes, I feel silly or irresponsible that I focus on lady gnomes so much, and that so many of them end up super super queer…..but then that moment passes and I remember what I’m here for, right? Ohohoho.

(And we just talk about the fact that the theater company I’m working with actually reposted this on their instagram? What is my life 😀  )


Prompt – Faerie Tale  ❤

(….What I had in mind for today was actually a lot more ambitious, but reality did not agree. Still, finding this really calming instead, and “Tock the Gnome” fans might recognize something!)

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AND Happy Sunday Gnomedays too!


Prompt – Astronomical Rain Stars Orange

Inspired by the fact that we are all, indeed, made of stardust.

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Prompt – Cave ….so have some “Tock the Gnome” foreshadowing 😀

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Prompt – Favorite Era!

Technically mine is Victorian, but I did that last year, SO here’s my second favorite – Viking!

(And the universe said ‘Rachel, draw a Shield-Gnome-Maiden.’ And I replied, ‘Hel yes.’)

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