Gnomevember catchup! Days 10, 11 and 12

(Including Sunday Gnomedays on day 10, of course!)


Day 10, Hades – Sunday Gnomedays 11-10-19

Hades – Aidoneus¬†– the Unseen One. With His invisibility¬†helmet, the¬†asphodel¬†of the fields of (part of) the Underworld, and His trusted guardian Cerberus¬†of course! Couldn’t resist making him a floofy Irish wolfhound¬†and based on the Cu Sith¬†of Scottish Faerie¬†lore. That just felt rather fitting.


Day 11, King Trumpet Mushroom

Something about the shape of these makes me feel calmly happy, soooooo we get a dancey Gnome equally pleased about them!


Day 12, Pansies

…not much to say on that, other than yay for more soothing floral art!


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Sunday Gnomedays 2-24-19


Good morning (or whatever time period you are viewing this ūüĆěūüĆúūüíē), and happy¬†Sunday Gnomedays¬†– here’s something a little dancey and whimsical to bless the start of this week.

Hope she brightens your day!

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