Prompt – Tech!

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Happy Sunday Gnomedays AND Orctober the first, everyone!

Have some Tock and Onna cuteness (from my comic “Tock the Gnome”) in the name of Gnomish and Orcish solidarity.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and since it’s nearly bedtime here, wishing you sweet dreams too!

"Coffee Fox and Tea Owl in Winter," colored pencil and ink on paper

A gift for my Llady Wife this past Yuletide ❤

For my practically-already-Mother-in-law this past Mother's Day. Chances are, if I've drawn a picture with a bat in it, its for her.

Something for my llove. I imagine they're fae creatures of some kind…..well, obviously. I need to get better at coming up with titles too.

For DarthVengeance0325 over at dA. Two of his original characters, an unexpected but adorable romance ❤

Another small personal piece I started between commissions. Loving the giant tusky grin.