Sunday Gnomedays 9-9-18


Time again 🐸🐱🍃

One of the many amazing gifts I got this birthday was the book “Vaesen” (from my llovely Wife, book by Johan Egerkrans), which says a *lot* of very fun and inspiring things about my beloved Gnomes, including this: “A nisse likes to take the shape of different animals, often a black cat or a large toad.”

So of course I had to do something with that!

With a bit of a witchy, autumn feel, since the seasons are FINALLY turning here 🍂

As for the book, click here for a peek at its delicious Scandinavian faerie goodness, then go grab your own copy via the link above!!

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Gnomevember 2017 day 28

Prompt – Myth & Lore.

Bast, Egyptian Goddess of cats, in honor and memory of my Mama’s and Stepdad’s kitty Sky, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Rest in peace and Love and Light, beautiful girl.