Sunday Gnomedays 7-12-20


Time again, with “Tock the Gnome” Regency-AU-style 🌷

I’ve been reading Georgette Heyer’s “Charity Girl” for some self care lately, and while my hopes for queer romance in it are sure to be dashed, it is very fun, and I ended up drawing this (quite self-indulgently after the challenge of going back to my day job). So, very non-canon, but hope it charms you anyway!

And for these two loves in the canon setting of the comic, check out my Patreon (also free to read on Webtoon, deviantArt, Facebook, here on WordPress and on ComicFury).


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Junefae 2020 the thirtieth ~ Tock is Pride 2020


Ta da!!! Tock is always Pride, and especially this month – Black Lives Matter, and Trans Lives Matter 🖤

These images, individually, will also be serving as new tier images for my Patreon. You can see them here (anyone who’s visited my page in the last couple of days will have seen these early!).

Thank you for an amazing month, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed every bit of whimsy each day – and carry justice and Faerie Love forward, no matter what month it is!


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Junefae catchup (with Sunday Gnomedays and WBW!)

Catchup tiiiiiiiime! ❤

Posting the first two out of order, in order to bookend the bunch with the promos for this week and last week’s “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday!


Day 3

From World Building Wednesday 91, in which we look at Dwarven smoke bombs – specifically, the ones Actia will be using in the comic proper.

Full post available here.


Day 2

Trollish tea companions are a theme I always love revisiting.


Day 4

Elaborating on the vague faerie shapes I tend to draw around more embodied faerie beings.


Day 5

Fanart Friday too, with Princess/Queen Poppy from Dreamworks’ “Trolls” 💙🎶

I haven’t gotten to see “World Tour” yet, but I highly enjoyed and recommend the first one. Especially if you think of the Bergen as Troll-kin themselves, in the way that Trolls come in all shapes and sizes in other Trollish lore (see Brian and Wendy Froud’s “Trolls.” Highly highly recommend, too).


Day 6

Art therapy, drawn shortly after day 1.


Day 7

And Sunday Gnomedays!!

(…..though, let’s be real, this challenge is going to be at least 50% Gnomes, in all likelihood  😅)


Day 8

… I said above.

Also, these are little bee spirits!


Day 9

Acorn energy


Day 10

Finally, caught up – with today’s “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday, in which we’re looking at a physical aspect of prayer to Carwen, Gnomish Goddess of Love and creativity, and Anosmia, Gnomish goddess of protection and destruction!

Full post available here

Hope you enjoyed these, and that you’re having fun with the challenge, if you’re participating too!


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-17-20


Time again 💕

This isn’t exactly what I’d hoped it would be, with my creativity levels being impacted by loss and grief and world conditions – BUT, this weekend something monumental happened in the world of all-ages animated television (and something else in adult-oriented animated television too), so I wanted to do what I could to honor that amazingness.

💫💗 I’m so grateful that I got to see what happened happen in my lifetime. 💗💫

Thank you to everyone involved in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (especially the amazing Noelle Stevenson) and everyone involved in DC Universe’s “Harley Quinn” too. We are blessed.

So, on that note, here are two sapphic “Tock the Gnome” style noblewomen being safely and lovely in love. And in case you missed it yesterday, a new page is available now too! Hope you enjoy it, and are this day (and all days) enjoying stories that reflect and empower who you are.


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-10-20 ~ Happy Mother’s Day


As it says 🌺💗🌺

Featuring Tock from “Tock the Gnome” with her mother, Navette Corrigan, in honor of all mothers everywhere!


And nextly, something for my own mother, featuring her beloved Moose (representing her) and a small Gnome (representing me!). The flowers are narcissus, her birth flower (December). Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!!


And lastly, something for my mother-in-law, featuring her beloved bats (including three offscreen to indicate her two birth children and myself). Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!

However/whoever makes up your family, and whatever circumstances are for you and yours right now, I hope you’re feeling loved and full of togetherness.


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Belated Blessed Beltane


Good very-late-evening, or good very-early-morning, depending on when/where you’re reading this!

Drew this a couple of days ago, as a gift for my Llove, on Beltane 🌼💗🌼 I hope it was a blessed day for all – May all be loved and nurtured and true to themselves, that sacred day, today and all days (featuring a nonbinary Dwarf and Gnome couple of “Tock the Gnome” style, of course)!

Stay tuned for regularly scheduled Sunday Gnomedays later ❤


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