Edda Night! (2022)

“May this year be full of proud deeds and silly games, beautiful songs and hearty feasts, clever jokes, loving friends, and enough surprises to keep us on our toes.”

Bruce Goldstone, “A Gnome’s Christmas”

According to the aforementioned traditional/Wil Hyugen and Rien Poortvliet-style book, “A Gnome’s Christmas,” today is Edda Night – the last day of the Gnomes’ holiday season, and the start of their new year!

I don’t know yet how that may inspire the end of the holidays in Tock’s culture, but I couldn’t resist drawing her in celebration with other Gnomes from different realms, anyway ❤

From left to right:

As far as the human realm goes, I hope you all have had the best start to your year – smooth, no drama! Picturing you surrounded with light and warmth, wherever you are.


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Happy Holidays, from “Tock the Gnome!” ❤

Blessed chosen festival of light-return, everyone!! (And in Tock’s realm, that means Peacenight-time for the Gnomes ❄ Happy belated Solstice to my witchy kin, too!)

Though I usually try to draw at least Tock and Bumble together for the yearly holiday art, if not Onna and/or the whole crew, this year I was thinking about the isolation we may all be facing again (un-happy holidays to COVID, thankyouverymuch). Though that physical distance is a truth, I am grateful that in today’s world, there are other ways to stay connected.

In our hearts, we are not truly alone.

So. Sending you ALL the hugs, and best wishes for the calmest, most loving season possible!

(Aaaaaaand related note – “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday and Sunday Gnomedays are on pause this week, for a small holiday break. See you on the 29th, dear readers/followers!)


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“Tock the Gnome” page update!

Ding ding!! Now for a new page of “Tock the Gnome!”

Read here ❤

Or start from the beginning here ❤


“Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” is about a Gnome woman named Tock, who lives in a Steampunk culture in a high fantasy world. Driven by a Fairy Tale about a trapped Elven princess on a floating island, she convinces her friend Bumble – an airship pilot – to join her quest to rescue her. They hire extra firepower from unfamiliar lands, and together they seek the island and the princess. But what they seek may not be quite what they expected…

Proudly contains queer characters and romance, size-positivity, Faerie, spiritual magic, conundrums and tomfoolery.


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Sunday Gnomedays 12-12-21

Sunday Gnomedays waits for no human! Or festival (coming to you from the Little Red Wagon Artisan Market today!! So grateful to be vending again ❤ )

As for the holidays in general, I am calmly excited (…..that’s a lie, my inner monologue is basically this on a loop right now) and grateful that I get to play with the season in Tock’s world, too! So, for today, please enjoy Tock looking comfy and happy with holly and stars. Making space, for that warmth, in her heart.

You can read more about the holidays in Tock’s pocket of Faerie here:

Peacenight-time (Gnomish)

Spae Mona-noctis (Elven)

(And though there’s not really a holiday around it, here’s how the Orcs handle the idea of winter.)

And read all her stories, both comic and written, here.


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