“Common Ground” finished

These lines all done. I was kinda reluctant to add anything to them since they turned out so pretty, but I'm really, really glad I did.


“Common Ground” lines

The linework for my llady‘s birthday gift from the end of November. As I’ve mentioned before, we both play WoW. Draenei are her favorite race, Orcs are probably my second favorite, and I’m a sucker for tragically romantic situations, so here this is.

Recently I’ve been wanting to try something a little different, so I tried doing some of the linework in color. I used Prismacolor markers (can’t remember the exact colors right now, the pens are in my studio, and I’m all comfy under blankets right now soooooooo specific information later). I’m pretty happy with the results, but the Prismacolor markers did bleed more than I expected they would and weren’t as fine-tipped as I’d hoped. I’m either going to look for finer-tipped versions or try Copics instead next time.

The finished version of this will be up later this week. It came out even lovlier with more color.

Sailor Earth

Sailor Moon was my introduction to anime when I was in middle school, and I still have bouts of fandom over it every now and then. So here's my take on what Sailor Earth would look like, if Tuxedo Mask hadn't been her "equivalent" in the series which was so not fair.

Pose reference comes from SenshiStock over at DeviantART, by the way : )