Finished up as a gift for a good friend of mine, who (as of a week ago) is in process of re-imagining her life in beautiful, sunny Florida, closer and closer to beautiful, sunny Disney World. So everyone wish her good luck, and I hope this hangs in her new home soon, with love and good juju!

That said, I am SO glad I got to finish this. Many many thanks to my amazing wife for the rose paper in the background, that came together perfectly after a few fated snafu’s. And yes. The beard is canon. This is truth.

I just found this remake so inspiring. I hope that Disney keeps on the trajectory they’re on, things keep getting better and better.


Rumbelle hugs are the best hugs.

Inspired by their reunion hug at the end of season 1, and A Muse of Fyre’s “An Inward Treasure.

Rumbelle, "Her Strength, too"

More Rumbelle, inspired by what Robert Carlyle said about Belle in the Season 2 Girl Power featurette.

Also, Happy Once Sunday everyone!!!!!

Rumbelle - "Home," by Rachel Marsh

So someone over on Tumblr set into motion a Rumbelle Fluffapalooza, called “One Year of Rumbelle” excuse me while I flail about a bit.

And since I’m still addicted, here’s my contribution.

Lyrics from Christina Perri’s “Arms.”

Because OTP mistletoe drawings are obligatory.

Just some Rumbelle under the mistletoe ❀

Hoping to finish this up over the holidays, while visiting family, if I have time.

Blessed Solstice, everyone.

Finished up that sketch I posted. Because of reasons.

In honor of the six-month "Skin Deep" anniversary. I hope everyone's having as much fun as I am where fun means heart-wrenching pain from deliciously angsty fanfiction, of course.