Finished up as a gift for a good friend of mine, who (as of a week ago) is in process of re-imagining her life in beautiful, sunny Florida, closer and closer to beautiful, sunny Disney World. So everyone wish her good luck, and I hope this hangs in her new home soon, with love and good juju!

That said, I am SO glad I got to finish this. Many many thanks to my amazing wife for the rose paper in the background, that came together perfectly after a few fated snafu’s. And yes. The beard is canon. This is truth.

I just found this remake so inspiring. I hope that Disney keeps on the trajectory they’re on, things keep getting better and better.


Something for Tock the Gnome that’s not necessarily ready for posting over there, but I was inspired.

Sketch, Tockverse Beauty and the Beast

"Finding You," pencil sketch

Inspired by the little bits and pieces we’ve seen of what Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time” has in store for these beautiful characters, and by Belle’s words at the end of season 3. Sigh ❤

Belle, Rumpelstiltskin and OUaT © ABC/Adam and Eddy/etc. Art © Rachel Marsh.