Fairy Fae Week 4 and 5, AND Happy International Women’s Day!

Continuing, and celebrating today!



Day 4, Heal/Devour

Once again I chose the Light/Seelie¬†theme. So here’s something from “Tock the Gnome” backstory, two characters that need healing and could reach for it, in their union. But will they? ūüíó¬†



Day 5, Gift/Thief

Inspired by the¬†Seelie¬†side again – in honor of International Women’s Day, the¬†Tockverse¬†ladies (or at least as many of them as I could fit on the page) are here in solidarity. Growing together from the gift of all their varied relationships, individual strengths and differences.

True strength comes from that place of togetherness and cooperation, not competition. May we all build each other up and inspire each other, too!


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dElfcember days 21, 24 and 25

More catchup, and some notes for tomorrow…


Day 21, “Gift”

Featuring Misu and Mariatu of “Tock the Gnome” backstory, and the gift that is their life together after many, many trials.

This drawing also now belonging, appropriately, to my Wife, as part of her own Yule gift ūüėä


Day 24, “Red”

Bringing to my attention that that two other characters from a different part of that backstory have a red color scheme, and it just so happens that one banished the other…. but that’s all something that Tock herself needs to learn about, so ūü§ę


Day 25, “Totem”

So, an Elf¬†and a symbol of her local¬†forest¬†spirit ūü¶Ć

This and tomorrow’s prompt will be combined for World Building Wednesday, stay tuned for more Elven¬†Faerie¬†connection!

Happy holiday, by the way, to everyone celebrating today!

Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.


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Gnomevember 2018 days 25 and 26

More catchup!


Day 25, “Nemesis” ~~ Also counting¬†for 11/25’s Sunday Gnomedays.

In “Tock the Gnome,” it has been a long time since anyone saw a Troll¬†, but the legends¬†Tock holds so dear feature them often enough.

Always changeable, always wise, always dangerous.

This Gnomish adventurer of the past seems to have stumbled upon a very large one – perhaps they were napping amongst the earth, disguised as a boulder, which she happened to step on? Though the stories would say otherwise, I can’t help but hope they leave each other peacefully ūüíę


Day 26, “Flight”

Tock-verse Gnomes might not have¬†faerie¬†wings, but who says they can’t build them?

(Featuring the husband of one of the characters shown with Tock in a previous entry, and his apprentice. Can you guess who he married?)

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Gnomevember 2018 days 21 and 22

Caught up on these yesterday, actually, but I was too busy eating tofurkey to get them posted properly!! If you celebrate, I hope you all had a lovely day too, filled with gratitude and good food ūüćĄūü•ßūüćĄ


Day 21, “Storm”

Both literal, and the figurative storm of Queen Arella’s turmoil. …….¬†“Tock the Gnome”¬†backstory¬†is not always a shiny, rainbowy place.


Day 22, “Harvest”

Showing the end product of what the¬†mushroom¬†farm we saw before would bring to the table! Happily cooked into a soup by Bumble, with fresh mushrooms to add as you eat! ….though Onna might not appreciate that as much as our dear Gnomish heroes do.

Aaaaaaaaand that said, I got page 89 finished yesterday as well! If all goes to plan*, it will be scanned and posted either tonight or tomorrow morning. Hope you’re looking forward to it, dear readers!

*knock on wood

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Gnomevember 2018 catchup, days 13 and 14

It’s been a bit of a rough week, so thank very much for your patience. Hoping to get yesterday’s and today’s done soon, but please enjoy these in the meantime ‚̧



Day 13, “Craft”

Tock (of “Tock the Gnome,”¬†of course!) learned the¬†airship¬†creation and¬†engineering¬†trade from Bumble’s brother Ruggels, who has been mentioned in some of the bonus material and stories. He’s the closest to her of the Sprizzenfritz brothers (other than Bumble himself), but most of them consider her a friend, and fondly call her Tockster. Their father, Grumblethorpe, feels differently.



Day 14, “Botanical”

Since these Gnomes live mostly in the dark within the mountain, the flowers they grow are also specialized to grow there, too. These are cragblooms.

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