Ta da ta da, as of right now my first coloring book is available for purchase!!! Containing a total of 17 coloring images, featuring Gnomes, Orcs, badger-folk, Elven goddesses, a unique mermaid and other nature spirits.

Click here to check it out



(Many thanks to my amazing wife for taking pictures of my costume beforehand, as  I went by myself this time.)

So this weekend was the amazing New York Faerie Festival, and this year I went for opening day on Friday.


Hi everyone!

So finally, the Universe has provided me the opportunity to have a table at a small local festival – “Gnome & Fairy Fest”Joy ) at Press Bay Alley.

(I guess the Goddess got impatient with me for dragging my feet on getting myself Properly Set Up. And this is perfect. I am so grateful.)

I have never ordered prints of my own work from anywhere before, and I have no idea where to start. Does anyone who sells their own prints (not on Society6/Redbubble/etc.) have any advice on where’s good to order from?

Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks to all ~~<3


A very belated sketch gift/commission/…thing? from years and years ago when I asked for financial help.

This is for Kristy Sunshine, who’s love for Discord from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” absolutely shines in her gallery. I did this sketch based on her own design of him.

Thanks so much for your help, Kristy ❤


A “Save the Date” portrait for my good friend Elyse, for her wedding this August ❤

Though I am a devout, loyal, unwavering Harley/Ivy girl, and normally anything Harley/Joker gives me painful feels, Elyse is one of the best friends I could have ever ever wished for and I am blessed to have her in my life. So here this is. I am so happy she found her guy and that they’re building a wonderful life together.

From top left, clockwise: Elyse herself, their unborn, currently baking offspring, her fiancee Joe, their dog Sacha-monster, and their daughter Quinn Harley (seriously).


Something quick I did for my mother’s birthday in December. She likes mooses (perhaps not as passionately as my mother-in-law loves bats, but still. Yay animal love. World needs more of that).


Commission for VersusMe101 on deviantART, of his lovely Gnomish lady Judeli, having a wardrobe issue that I am all too familiar with ^^;