Gnomevember 2019 day 3 – Sunday Gnomedays 11-3-19


Persephone 💗💀💗

Surrounded by two of my favorites of Her symbols, bats and lavender, Her beloved pomegranate snugly in Her lap. (…..first person to make a “Hadestown” reference gets a fistbump!).

Full prompt list here. ❤


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Gnomevember 2019 prompt list!!

It’s almost heeeeeeeere!! So here we go:



Instead of reorganizing the original prompt list like I did last year, this time I’m following some intense inspiration. “Myths, Mushrooms & Meadow” – a month-long devotional to Gnomes themselves AND the Underworld-Gods connected to Persephone’s journey (so, featuring my Gnomish take on Greek Mythology, too!). Each Sunday will focus on one deity from the story for Sunday Gnomedays, while all other days will feature a mushroom or flower related to the previous deity by symbolism.

Please feel free to join in as always – going from the list as is, or adjusting it as it speaks to you (different Gods, different arrangement of mushrooms/flowers, etc).

This year – this project – feels a lot more personal and important to me than ever before. I hope you’re as excited for the challenge as I am!

For my previous Gnomevember work click here


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Rachelillustrates and Tock the Gnome at Wizarding Weekend!

Announcement!!! (And Sunday Gnomedays catchup ❤ )

Tock the Gnome


I am delighted to announce that I’ll be at Ithaca NY’s Wizarding Weekend this coming Saturday, courtesy of Comics for Collectors!

Look for me at their new location, 124 West State Street, from 12-5pm 10/26!! I’ll have prints and issues of “Tock the Gnome” available, of course, AND I’ll be doing free sketches like I did for Free Comic Book Day 😀

Hope to see you there!!

(Also, this newly-finished old sketch stands for Sunday Gnomedays 10-20-19 and Orctober the 21st! See below for the stand-in Orctober and Sunday Gnomedays I posted last minue on Instagram yesterday for the 20th.)



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Orctober catchup and Sunday Gnomedays 10-13-19

More Sunday Gnomedays on “Tock the Gnome” ❤

Tock the Gnome

Thanks for your patience, everybody, while I was away at my brother’s wedding!

(These are not in numerical order, but follow my notes in the order the images are posted above, and it will all make sense.)

So, numbers 14, 12 and 15, first – all three of those being Tock-verse-framed BUT 14 and 15 being non-exactly-canon, as the Orcs are not exactly aware of broader Faerie (…yet) and don’t have magic (…at the moment).

And lastly, number 13/Sunday Gnomedays 10-13-19 – a non-Tock entry (gasp!) featuring Orc and Gnome of “Orc and Gnome’s Mild Aventures!” If you haven’t checked out their comic yet, DO! It is veryvery fun, and another adventure-based Orc/Gnome romance. Delicious ❤

Stayed tuned for more “Tock the Gnome” Orctober later today with World Building Wednesday! 


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Orctober catchup / Promo – WBW 61

Belated Sunday Gnomedays amongst a bunch of Orcs! 😀

Follow “Tock the Gnome” for even more Orc drawings, all through October.

Tock the Gnome


In this week’s patrons-only world building post,  we’re looking at the other side of Orcish warfare – war creates wounds, both psychological and physical, and that means intense healing!

~** Full post available here **~

Aaaaand as for the catchup:

IMG_20191006_162255_720The 6th / Sunday Gnomedays 10-6-19 – Tock and Onna Tock and Onna Tock and Onna ❤

IMG_20191007_204809_333The 7th – Just needed a quick self-care Orc with butterflies.

IMG_20191008_203120_645The 8th –  Not sure where this one came from, but I feel like it has a story – perhaps this Orcish maiden may have been considering taking this Dragon’s egg home for a meal, but the butterfly landing on her finger gave her pause? 🦋 (Dragons are absolutely friends, not food, in Tock’s world btw, and the Orcs and all the other races – except the Gnomes – would be familiar with them from a distance. More on that in the…

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