Sunday Gnomedays 6-2-19

Mermay catchup will be up as soon as I have time to gather the posts, but in the meantime, here’s something extra special for this week’s Gnomish devotional.


I was commissioned recently to do some border artwork for this year’s Salem NY Faerie Festival‘s flier!

(Also look, just below the Gnome to the right – that’s me!)

Thanks very much to Robyn at Faerydale for thinking of me for this work, and to everyone who helped out to make this commission a reality. And if you’re in that area of New York State, please come visit and enjoy a day of Faerie whimsy!


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World Building Wednesday 45 promo, Mermay catchup and Sunday Gnomedays 5-26-19

Missed cross-posting this during my Mermay scramble ^^; Last week’s Sunday Gnomedays is among this bunch, and this week’s will be up shortly!

Tock the Gnome

(Whew, lots today!)


Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! This week, from Mermay day 28 – Snail, we’re taking a look at an extravagant behavior of the royal court during Misu and Mariatu’s time (waaay in the backstory).

Full post available here.

And for some catchup!

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World Building Wednesday 44 promo (and a bit of Mermay catchup!)

Behind again but still plugging forward ^^; As it says below, I’ve been caught up with other projects the last few days and fell behind without realizing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to share about those other projects soon, too, but for now here we go with catch up!

Tock the Gnome


Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! This week, we’re taking a quick look at the relationship between the Merfolk and the Selkie (from today’s Mermay prompt, featured in the image above).

Click here to read the full post!

And for a bit of Mermay catchup:

IMG_20190522_152126_573Day 18, “Pirate”

Featuring Sed, again (as above), in a moment of reflection….. how did she find herself in such a role, I wonder?

Obviously I am several other days behind. My plan is to catch up in a backwards order from here and push forward on the remaining prompts in order.

My attention/inspiration has been captured by other projects the last few days, so progress on this challenge slowed WAY down without me even realizing it. Thanks, always, for your patience and I hope you still look forward to the rest!

Prompt list courtesy of the amazing Maegan Cook.  


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More Mermay catchup and Sunday Gnomedays 5-19-19

Getting a bit caught up, and happy Sunday Gnomedays all!

Tock the Gnome

Last week was very busy with other projects, but here’s a start to catching up ❤

IMG_20190519_163828_552Day 17, “Lace”

And happy Sunday Gnomedays too! Potentially non-canon, but let’s say sometime in the future, a Mermaid meets a Gnome – and in sparking their friendship, finds out that she’s a lacemaker, but has no idea what that is! On the next visit, then, the Gnome takes it upon herself to bring an example. And in demonstrating that it’s sometimes worn…. they end up closer than expected 💕

IMG_20190519_112042_546Day 16, “Koi”

A character from possibly the furthest backstory I’ve drawn from, recently mentioned by Misu in another backstory post recounting her people’s history. She’s a kind of priestess, communicating with the water wisps (like wil o’ the wisps) I drew on day 1.

Prompt list courtesy of the amazing Maegan Cook.  


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Promo – WBW 43, and more Mermay catchup!

Mermay Catchup with “Tock the Gnome” world building goodness, everybody! ❤

Tock the Gnome

Time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers! This week we’re looking at a bit more Mermish history connected to the magic we talked about last week. Inspired by Mermay day 14, “Nerd.”

IMG_20190515_154756_313Click here for the full post! (Including the full text of what Misu’s saying here.)

Aaaaand more Mermay catchup!

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