Hawthorn Wishes (WBW placeholder)

💗 (read for a chance at a print giveaway!)

Tock the Gnome

Something small and magic as a placeholder this week – the bad news is, no World Building Wednesday post tomorrow.


The good news is, that’s because I’m getting ready for another show! “Faebruary,” 9 pieces, at Angelhearts Diner here in Ithaca! Up for the entire month of February, as one might assume.

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled bonus content next week, for sure. AND – the pose in this is a very specific reference. First person to get it* gets a free print of their choice from my shop!

*Across all the sites I post on, not one winner per website. Still, I hope a lot of people guess 🤞


Bonus art and stories~Prints, comics and more!

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