Faebruary 2022 the sixteenth AND seventeenth (“Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday too!)

After a bit of a delay due to technical issues 😅

Day 16!! From PadawanArt‘s “Ice” and PhoenixFeathersArt‘s “Unseelie” and “Dark fae” – which means for this week’s World Building Wednesday, it’s time to look at a certain faerie tale set in Tock’s realm, and the implications therein on that people’s culture, magic, etc.

Full post here💕

Day 17!! From PadawanArt‘s list, “Royal.”

So, the Husbands Sprizzenfritz again – Bumble’s brother Ruggels, and his husband Alecs (all from my comic “Tock the Gnome” as well), putting paper crowns on their usual pointed Gnomish caps. Though the wearing of pointed caps in Tockverse Gnome culture indicates a wealthy/noble status and/or the attending of a significant social event, to include a crown at the base of one specifically indicates royalty. Only the Queen and her immediate family are permitted to wear them – spouse/consort and children.

Also, I have my own reasons for choosing these two to play with that idea, BUT suffice it to say that for Tock, their romantic relationship is the Ideal of what romance could and should be – what she wants for herself, and what such a love could manifest in her life, impacting the lives of others – so to her, that means they’re royalty of the heart 💗


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