Edda Night! (2022)

“May this year be full of proud deeds and silly games, beautiful songs and hearty feasts, clever jokes, loving friends, and enough surprises to keep us on our toes.”

Bruce Goldstone, “A Gnome’s Christmas”

According to the aforementioned traditional/Wil Hyugen and Rien Poortvliet-style book, “A Gnome’s Christmas,” today is Edda Night – the last day of the Gnomes’ holiday season, and the start of their new year!

I don’t know yet how that may inspire the end of the holidays in Tock’s culture, but I couldn’t resist drawing her in celebration with other Gnomes from different realms, anyway ❤

From left to right:

As far as the human realm goes, I hope you all have had the best start to your year – smooth, no drama! Picturing you surrounded with light and warmth, wherever you are.


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