Happy Holidays, from “Tock the Gnome!” ❤

Blessed chosen festival of light-return, everyone!! (And in Tock’s realm, that means Peacenight-time for the Gnomes ❄ Happy belated Solstice to my witchy kin, too!)

Though I usually try to draw at least Tock and Bumble together for the yearly holiday art, if not Onna and/or the whole crew, this year I was thinking about the isolation we may all be facing again (un-happy holidays to COVID, thankyouverymuch). Though that physical distance is a truth, I am grateful that in today’s world, there are other ways to stay connected.

In our hearts, we are not truly alone.

So. Sending you ALL the hugs, and best wishes for the calmest, most loving season possible!

(Aaaaaaand related note – “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday and Sunday Gnomedays are on pause this week, for a small holiday break. See you on the 29th, dear readers/followers!)


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