Sunday Gnomedays 12-12-21

Sunday Gnomedays waits for no human! Or festival (coming to you from the Little Red Wagon Artisan Market today!! So grateful to be vending again ❤ )

As for the holidays in general, I am calmly excited (…..that’s a lie, my inner monologue is basically this on a loop right now) and grateful that I get to play with the season in Tock’s world, too! So, for today, please enjoy Tock looking comfy and happy with holly and stars. Making space, for that warmth, in her heart.

You can read more about the holidays in Tock’s pocket of Faerie here:

Peacenight-time (Gnomish)

Spae Mona-noctis (Elven)

(And though there’s not really a holiday around it, here’s how the Orcs handle the idea of winter.)

And read all her stories, both comic and written, here.


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