Gnomevember 2021 day 14 (Sunday Gnomedays)

Today’s prompt being “Favorite Holiday!” So, had to had to go with Peacenight-time of the Gnomes of “Tock the Gnome.” It coincides with human Yuletide, sharing much of the same imagery and themes – and though I acknowledge its a bit early for such things right now, I couldn’t resist some mistletoe kisses for Tock and Onna!

You can read more about the holiday here:

Peacenight-time lore and history.

Short story, “Hope in Peacenight-time.”

Short story, “Peacenight Evergreen” (with bonus art in which you can see more of Tock’s dress from above!).


Full prompt list here 🍄 (Inspired by Qdnox and Hitorikart‘s Orctober lists! Used with permission.)


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