Gnomevember 2021 day 10

Today’s prompt being “The Tooth Gnome/Partners.” So, a tooth-faerie sprite has enlisted some Gnomish assistance in their work. …..Looks like it’s going well, yeah?

This would also normally be World Building Wednesday for “Tock the Gnome,” but as I mentioned to my patrons, I’ve suspended/elevated world building posts for the month – there’s a LOT of world building opportunities in these prompts, so instead of just having one day per week set aside for that, I’ll be scattering world building notes throughout the entire month instead!

And on that note, this exact partnership is technically possible in that realm (thus the use of the same kind of sprite I draw in the comic) BUT not exactly likely. The beings of that realm do not have the same tooth rituals we humans do. It is, however, possible for one of these sprites – who are closer in substance to the primordial energy of all Faerie – to enlist the help of a more embodied faerie being if they need it. This happens rarely, since they themselves are able to take physical form if they need to. If it does come to this, the being approached would need to consent to the work, and then is magicked to forget it once the work is over.

Not sure yet if this has happened before in any way that impacts the main plot or the characters. We shall see πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ’•


Full prompt list here πŸ„ (Inspired by Qdnox and Hitorikart‘s Orctober lists! Used with permission.)


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