Gnomevember 2021 day 1

Switching right over from Orcishness to Gnomishness!!

I had such a great time last month, this month I’m going to be following the same prompts, borrowed from Qdnox and Hitorikart with permission (click their names to check out their amazing work!). Stones will remain a soft theme, as well, popping up as accents where they fit.


Day 1, Show your Gnome
Day 2, Weapon/Full body
Day 3, Music
Day 4, Leader/Uniform
Day 5, Hobby/Profession
Day 6, Work/Favorite tool
Day 7, Priest/Casual wear
Day 8, Soldier
Day 9, Communities
Day 10, The Tooth Gnome/Partners
Day 11, Favorite Transportation
Day 12, Gathering/Homeland, place of the heart
Day 13, Lucky Day
Day 14, Favorite holiday
Day 15, Stones
Day 16, Wedding
Day 17, Portrait
Day 18, Wealth/Carrying
Day 19, Banner/Hairstyle
Day 20, Amulet
Day 21, Gnome’s Worst Fear
Day 22, Resting place
Day 23, (T)roll for Initiative
Day 24, Gathering/Homeland, place of the heart
Day 25, Flying an Airship
Day 26, Duel
Day 27, Queens and Orphans
Day 28, Coffee break
Day 29, Embassy
Day 30, Spirits

Making today “Show Your Gnome” with Tock, of my comic “Tock the Gnome,” of course!

Most prompts will again be Tock-realm based, and expect Onna to pop up more than a little bit again, since Tock was in Orctober with her at least 4 times 💚

So excited for this challenge, too, and hope you all look forward to what’s to come – AND, if you’re participating, **have fun!!** Can’t wait to see what you create, too!


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