Sunday Gnomedays 12-6-20

Trying to use Yuletide spirit to get back on track after a bit of burnout this past week πŸ˜…

So here’s a “Tock the Gnome” style Gnome, wondering at snow! For the most part, the Gnomes of Tock’s realm spend their whole lives inside the mountain plateau, so they only get to experience winter weather if they venture outside for fun (and usually, only the lower classes get to do even that, the nobles are snug even further inside the stone). There’s a bit of magic in it, for them, then. As there could be for us, too, if we choose to wonder.

dElfcember catchup, at least for some of the prompts, will be up in the next couple of days as well. And if you like my work, please take a look at my Holiday Sale! ❀


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