Orctober 2020 the thirty-first

“Awaken now, soldiers of WAAAGH!!”

(I regret nothing.)

Blessed Samhain, witches, and Happy Halloween to all! ๐ŸŽƒ

With how intense this month has been in my personal life, this feels really appropriate to end Orctober 2020 on – it occurred to me this week, that amidst all the chaos (grateful chaos, since our baby kitty man is still with us!) I’ve been leaning heavily on my eternal comfort zone, “Sailor Moon,” and the blessed, manic Orcish energy that is Orctober.

And what a combo that makes.

So, this Sailor Onna drawn to go with Sailor Tock of several years ago:

(Both from my queer steampunk adventure romance comic “Tock the Gnome,” free to read here anytime.)

Virtual high fives and hugs to all who participated in this challenge!! I had so much fun seeing what everyone has been creating (and learning more about Warhammer Orcs/Orks, from all the miniature paining going on on Instagram). Remember, if you followed my “prompts” and completed all three challenges, let me know – and you’ll get a treat in the mail!

(And as for mine – acknowledging that I didn’t quite make every day – I will be catching up to 31 Orcs by including them in Sunday Gnomedays during November – Gnomevember, that is!! Hope you look forward to that, too โค )


(Big Important Note! These were both only drawn for fun, “Tock the Gnome” is in no way affiliated with the Sailor Moon franchise or anyone involved with it – though that would be amazing.)


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