Mother of the Rebellion


(Belated) May the 4th be with you!!! 

(I was busy watching “Star Wars” yesterday and thusly unable to post this on time. Not sorry.)

And may the mother of the rebellion always inspire us all 🖤

To be fair, I have a LOT of other important things that needed attention, but after yesterday I needed some self indulgent Padmé first. “Star Wars” has been special to me since I was very small, but Padmé will always stand out as the heart of the prequels to me, if not the entire series, and shall forever be my anchor in my Star Wars fangirling. Thank you for inspiring me to be true to myself, blessed Queen and Senator, to be unafraid to love, and to make sure the characters I write are nuanced as hell.

Special shoutouts of course to Natalie Portman for bringing her to life, Kelsey on Instagram ( personal here / art here ) for inspiring me to be open about my Padmé devotion, and to EK Johnston for all her work on keeping the integrity and strength of Padmé’s story in focus!! Can’t waaaaait for the next book.


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