Sunday Gnomedays 5-3-20 – Google Gnomes


Google recently re-released (or re-promoted, I thought it had been taken down but I might be wrong) their Gnome Toss game, originally posted June 10th, 2018 in celebration of Garden Gnomes and their original creation in Thuringia, Germany.

Firstly, OH MY HEART YAY IT’S BACK. And secondly, I couldn’t resist drawing my two favorite Gnomes from the game, this time around. Many thanks to Gerben Steenks for designing them, and to everyone who worked on the game!!

Warms this quarantined Gnome’s heart, to get to play it again, for sure 💚

(And if you haven’t played it, click the link above to check it out!! A lot of the design work, for the characters and the world, is posted there too!)


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