Gnomevember catchup! Days 14 to 22

Slowly but surely ❤


Day 14, Celosia flowers

Couldn’t resist that hat-like flower shape.


Day 15, Maitake mushrooms

And couldn’t resist how holding a large cluster of these mushrooms looks like a bouquet!


Day 16, Verbena flowers

Healing kisses. Smek!


Day 17/ Sunday Gnomedays 11-17-19, Demeter

Goddess of the Harvest , Cornmother and mother of Persephone! She who sustains us by the power of the earth.


Day 18/“Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday 65, White Button Mushrooms

Something fun AND Tock-related in regards to how much that world’s Gnomes value mushrooms, in the face of their usual class division – full post available on Patreon of course!


Day 19, Sunflower

An old friend drawing-wise, thanks to my Wife’s love of them 🌻


Day 20, Hedgehog mushroom

…….I do not know where the shield idea came from, but here we are, and I am 0% sorry. She feels like a Berserker to me.


Day 21, Cornflower

And of course, a Hedgehog-mushrump Berserker needs a fancy Paladin to face (and apparently confuse!).


Day 22, Porcini mushrooms

I feel like he’s their guardian – fully capable of protecting them, but amused at our mortal thoughts of what food they might make….

Hope you’re all enjoying these, and thanks for your patience. More will be up as soon as possible. As always, more timely updates are available on my Instagram.


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