Gnomevember 2019 prompt list!!

It’s almost heeeeeeeere!! So here we go:



Instead of reorganizing the original prompt list like I did last year, this time I’m following some intense inspiration. “Myths, Mushrooms & Meadow” – a month-long devotional to Gnomes themselves AND the Underworld-Gods connected to Persephone’s journey (so, featuring my Gnomish take on Greek Mythology, too!). Each Sunday will focus on one deity from the story for Sunday Gnomedays, while all other days will feature a mushroom or flower related to the previous deity by symbolism.

Please feel free to join in as always – going from the list as is, or adjusting it as it speaks to you (different Gods, different arrangement of mushrooms/flowers, etc).

This year – this project – feels a lot more personal and important to me than ever before. I hope you’re as excited for the challenge as I am!

For my previous Gnomevember work click here


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