Sunday Gnomedays catchup and a summary of many amazing goings-on!

As it says on the tin ^^; This month has been insanely busy for me, so here’s a massive post about that – firstly, catching up on my Gnomish devotionals.


Sunday Gnomedays 6/16

Delayed by my vending at Salem NY Faerie Fest, which I will speak on below (and which went very well!). Inspired also by that day being Father’s Day, where I live – I imagine this Troll feels fatherly towards the Gnome woman he’s carrying, in the manner of the parents of Troll Maidens (from Wendy and Brian Froud’s “Trolls”). I hope any of you who celebrated had a lovely time together!


Sunday Gnomedays 6/23

Delayed in posting by the local Pride Block Party, hosted by Planned Parenthood ❤  It had been an awesome pride-filled weekend, but a very long one too, so I needed some Tock and Onna smooches (I hope any new “Tock the Gnome” readers from the block party are enjoying the story!).

Now as for how well both of those lovely delaying events went!

I’ve never done two events back-to-back like this, so it was definitely a learning experience (but a very welcome one!).

Salem NY Faerie Fest 2019:

Second year vending there, and it went even better than year one! Thanks again to all my family who helped out and came to visit, and to Robyn of Faerydale for having me back and for having me help with the flier, and extra hello and bright blessings to all the new friends I met this year. I also got to debut some new more-steampunk-infused Gnome Wings I’ve been working on, and some gorgeous candles my Wife assembled from an original design I created (……which weren’t technically Tock-related when the idea struck me, but that’s what we’re calling them now. Oh noooooooo ;p ).

Looking forward to next year already!

Planned Parenthood Block Party 2019:

This was a completely new event for me this year, and I was very pleased and honored to show up for the local queer community (which I am proud to be a part of, always). The event itself was much more relaxed than I expected, all good vibes and great reactions to my work.

I offered free sketches like I did for Free Comic Book Day this year, too, and got to draw some very fun things.



(Gnome Thor Gnome Thor GNOME THOR *dies* Thanks again to the human who requested him. I feel like I was put on this planet just to draw this drawing.)

So yes, between that and the “Tock the Gnome” Open House and my Wife’s business being very busy and amazing, it has been the busiest June I can remember for a while! That’s all, by the way, as far as festivals go for me until September – when I’ll be vending at the Gears to Corsets Steampunk festival in Cortland, NY! (Sooooooooooo excited!)

There’s still a couple more Tock open house posts to go, especially in honor of Junefae and Pride Month (which I can’t believe are winding down already, goodness). Those of you who are CNY local can also catch me at New York Faerie Festival this weekend – I didn’t get in to vend, but I WILL be there for fun.

Thanks for your patience, followers! Hope the art was worth the wait 🙂


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