WIP – “Her Harbor”

Yesterday’s Sunday Gnomedays will be up shortly, but first, I want to talk about what’s going on in recent comics.


(Recent DC comics spoilers follow.)

I haven’t kept up on what’s going on in that corner of the comics world recently, but as you might have noticed, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are very very dear to my heart 🍃❤🍃

That said, I was crushed to hear that they have chosen to kill off Poison Ivy.

In a very casual manner, no less – as part of a mass murder in “Heroes in Crisis,” at an attack on Sanctuary treatment facility, where no one (Ivy included) appears to have been able to defend themselves. And to add insult to injury, Harley is among the prime suspects (as if she’d be capable of killing her girlfriend/wife, or ANYONE that she loves, even just a friend).

Now, I know that in comics, especially the big two, death doesn’t always stick. And who knows, maybe Ivy used the attack to fake her own death or something….for some reason, and is still actually around. Or maybe by the end it will turn out that everyone is okay after all, or they can bring them ALL back.

But seeing as Ivy is one of DC’s most prominent/only visibly queer characters, I feel like this callous treatment of her is a huge slap in the face. Especially if Harley was involved, and especially if they don’t bother showing Harley MOURN her. If Superman had been suspected of a mass murder that included Lois, you can be damn sure their relationship would be addressed. Same with Batman, if that had happened with him and Selina. So why isn’t Ivy’s relationship to Harley being mentioned?

Again, I might be wrong about the circumstances. She might actually be okay, or she might be revived, eventually. But for now, it just seems like yet another instance of a non-heternormative character getting treated very, very badly. Two, if you consider that Harley is a suspect.

I have thoughts/the beginnings of a plan about finishing this drawing and doing prints for an LGBTQ+ charity fundraiser. Another friend of mine on Instagram is interested in doing the same, so I will post more about that as it develops. If you’re an artist who’d be interested in participating, please message me, or if you’d be interested in purchasing prints for the cause, please comment!


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