Gnomevember 2018 day 3 – Hat(s)

Focusing on the difference in the hats they wear, of course! 
I’ve mentioned before here that pointed hats are worn very specifically for special occasions, the only Gnomes that wear them constantly are the upper classes – the wealthy, and nobility, that is. Those persons probably also have several hats, too, while the working class usually only have one (and the poorest Gnomes would not even have one at all).** 
So here’s two Gnome ladies of very opposite classes, swapping hats for their own reasons (but also to show that that’s definitely an area of their culture that needs to grow. Check out the comic to see how things go!).
**Gnomes don’t have much of a written history, but there is some historic artwork that survives showing all sorts of Gnomes wearing pointed hats on a regular basis. If someone ever brings up what this might mean, people around them often politely and conveniently change the subject.  Best not to rock the boat, after all.

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