Sunday Gnomedays 10-28-18 AND Gnomevember list!!!

Belatedly, but still:


Also for Orctober day 28, “Breath.” And featuring an Orc noblewoman and a Gnome noblewoman, to account for the hat (“Tock the Gnome” Gnomes only wear pointed hats for status reasons and fancy occasions, more on that at Patreon here).

And as for the image itself – we all breathe the same air, don’t we?

AND on another fun note, GNOMEVEMBER APPROACHES!!!


I will, of course, be participating – but this year, as I did for Orctober, I will be focusing on world-building and bonus art for Tock’s world again! The list has been adjusted slightly, accordingly.

Please feel free to use this list for your own drawings too, tag appropriately, and most importantly – HAVE FUN!!


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