Sunday Gnomedays 7-15-18


Something unexpected this week – I actually had two other ideas in mind (Tock with her Goddess Carwen from “Tock the Gnome,” or more Gnomish Persephone love with Hades maaaaaaybe) but this ended up demanding finishing instead.

So. “Beren the Gnome.”

A little while ago I treated myself to a copy of “Beren & Luthien.” Lord of the Rings is one of my fandom passions, and I wanted to see how the amazing Alan Lee set about illustrating this delicious tale, and I must say I fell in love with it upon the first telling (there’s several different versions/evolutions of it in the book, and I love the first one so much that I haven’t even gotten through all of them yet).

Most importantly. And even though I know this is not what the great Tolkein meant …….originally, Beren’s people were Gnomes.

(That sound you hear is me shrieking in delight, still resonating from when I first read it months ago.)

Again, I know that was not the intention. In that first telling, he seems to have meant an Elf-like race of intelligence and wisdom, from “gnosis” …..but how could I have read that and NOT run with it?

So here’s Beren, the Gnome, and Luthien (who herself is quickly becoming my favorite LotR lady), with his “hat” above them (the story didn’t specifically mention these Gnomes wearing hats, but still) and the Silmaril that he is sent to steal for Luthien’s hand. The pawprints around them reference the hound Huan, who sheltered and aided them much.

I hope to draw more of them soon – I know, I know, but I am ~*absolutely*~ headcanoning Beren’s Gnomishness 😀 – but in the meantime I do highly recommend checking the book out. Tolkein’s world building is always inspiring.


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