JuneFae 2018 catchup

As promised. Including this past week’s Sunday Gnomedays and belated Summer Solstice Sabbat Sketch.


Sabbat Sketch – Litha (Persephone), JuneFae sixteen

Blessed (belated) Summer Solstice, everyone. May the bounty of the Lady of Spring and Her Mother carry us into this season of sunlight and the blessings of the harvests!


Sunday Gnomedays 6-24-18, JuneFae nineteen

(Whoops, out of order again)

Happy belated Sunday Gnomedays on this one, too!


JuneFae seventeen

As for this one, one-winged Goblin fae, anyone?


JuneFae twenty

Some more Junicorn focus on this one, too! Maybe next year I will try to pay better attention to both….


JuneFae twenty one

Ink-drawing-during-a-support-job-meeting-style. I actually think she turned out lovely.


Aaaaand that’s it, except for today’s!

I’ll also be at New York Faerie Fest today (visiting, not vending) so look out for me there if you’re around, and look forward to some more Gnomish goodness tomorrow as scheduled.

Thank you for your patience, everyone, I hope you enjoyed this very Faerie month! ❤


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