Kid’s menu/placemat design, Kilpatrick’s


Kilpatrick’s Public House that is, the only Irish Pub here in Ithaca NY!

A while ago I was asked to do this, and I am very grateful that it’s finally worked out (and that they were on board with me drawing oodles of Irish faeries)! This drawing is very much in service to them – I hope that anyone looking at this or coloring it as they wait for their meal thinks about the fae, and the richness of Irish culture.

From the top left, counter-clockwise:

A hawthorn tree

A Puca, in rabbit-like form

A Leanan Sidhe

A more general Sidhe, in honor of the Tuatha de Danann

Flowers below them – wood anemone

A Grogach

A Leprechaun making shoes

Flowers between them – ivy-leaved bellflower

A Leprechaun delighting in his gold

Flowers around the pot of gold – fox and cubs

Two Selkies

A Puca, in horse form

Flowers between them – sea aster

A male Merrow

A female Merrow, with her feather cap

And of course, more general faeries flitting about everywhere, and the pot of gold’s rainbow above them all!

The flowers I chose are wildflowers native to Ireland, and I chose a hawthorn tree from the sacred tree triad of Oak, Ash and Thorn because it is particularly associated with Faerie. Since this is for a Kid’s menu (….though really, if you’re an adult and you want one, please grab one and color to your heart’s content!) I chose to keep the imagery as kindly or neutral as I could. Celtic Faerie lore is often quite dark, after all. But there is kindness, too, even in the darkness, and I hope that comes through in what I chose to illustrate.

….Well except with that guy Merrow. He looks appropriately malicious 😀

If you’re in the Ithaca area, I hope you come by and check it out!!! Copies technically free if you sit down and grab some lunch, you know!

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