Just needing to share about something for a moment.

There’s been a bit of struggle going on with me lately (don’t worry, nothing serious) but I finally took a moment to talk to my Source about it while driving home today. I said a lot, and asked for help, and offered thanks for a lot of the blessings I do have – among them, the path I’ve been given, feeling in my heart that it’s so very my own.

At that specific thanks a Goldfinch lighted up from the roadside, unseen, and flew beside me for a moment.

And as if that wasn’t enough,  I had two more sightings – as I pulled into my driveway, I was delighted to see three more Goldfinches resting at a puddle at the end of it. One lingered behind as I pulled in, so I could see it so clearly as it looked at me and then flew off. And later, when I was upstairs feeding my landlady’s cats, there was one waiting for me at her feeder (usually, when I approach that window to get their bowls any birds outside fly away, but this one didn’t. Again, it waited).

I’ve been having a bit of trouble feeling connected to my spirituality lately, really over the past few weeks, and I’ve been trying to bring myself back there – make myself more open, whatever it is that’s blocking me. I’m very grateful to have been given this reassurance today.

EDIT: Updated to include another experience I had later in the morning.