As the Powers that Be would have it, I find myself Called again – this time by a Goddess I already had a very casual acquaintance with already.


Her name is Aine, Celtic Goddess of sovereignty, the land and Love. And Faerie Queen.

I have claimed daughtership to her in part of my magickal name for years now – in honor of Faerie – and I have drawn her twice before this happened (to say nothing of her symbols – but I’ll get to that later).

I haven’t been having very many direct Faerie experiences lately, so I was surprised one evening to feel pulled toward the pond behind our house. I was locking the door for the night – early, so the sun was just beginning to set. I saw a rabbit sitting at the start of that path, and as I watched it kept moving further down, then back at me, until it was out of sight. Despite my lack of recent “bright-light” experiences, I truly felt like they wanted something from me, to follow, and I know better by now than to ignore them! So I went back inside, got better dressed for the outdoors and headed after the rabbit.

It was gone, of course, by the time I started down the path, but I still felt sure of my purpose and made my way toward the water, ducking around the overgrown hedges. It is noteworthy that I’ve never actually been back there when the path is this wild – usually our landlady has it trimmed up cleanly for the summer, but she hadn’t yet, and it was a new experience having to carefully maneuver my way through the actual wild of it.

As I got close to the pond, a doe that had been grazing – maybe waiting – between the wild path and a nearby field startled away from me, moving so swiftly into action that I had not noticed her stillness. I kept forward, and was delighted to see that the pond was ringed by a plethora of yellow irises (my favorite flower, equal to roses). I stepped gingerly forward, and looked down to see a brown moth on the grass before my feet. Instead of stepping over or around, I just stopped, and as I looked at it I felt the distinct impression that I am not living up to Her name. Aine’s name.

Her Call was kind and gentle, but still an obvious taking-notice how I can do better. She knows I can. I know I can.

To make matters even more solid, the next day I returned to “normalcy” at my workplace, and I felt myself doubting again (even though that experience only hours before had been so moving). That moment of doubt happened as I passed by a whiteboard where I had drawn, as I often do, a faerie with a heart. Cradling it.


Once again, I felt Her with me and heard Her voice as an impression in my own heart. She gently asked how I could doubt Her, when I draw Her symbols so often.

Needless to say, I am doing my best to focus on what She would have be do and be, now.

I still work with Sigyn and Hathor as they have called me, too, which makes for an interesting balance-seeking in my spiritual life. But I cannot deny the Truth of this moment, either.

Hail to the Lady Queen of life and Love, of Sunlight and Moonlight, Love and survival beyond the darkest violation. Hail to the choice of Love, Beauty and Joy. Hail Aine.