As I mentioned yesterday, I got to see it in theaters and I am so happy with how they did. I have been a fan of hers since at least 2004, so the existence of this movie is a really big deal to me. It did not disappoint.

To celebrate even more, here’s a history of my love for her in fanart.

Happy sigh.

As for what I thought of the film….

(I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. But expect some, hopefully vague ones.)

They messed with the mythology (as in Greek Mythology) a LOT, overlaying some very God vs. Satan stuff in Zeus vs. Ares, and they of course went with the New 52 version of Diana’s conception. So that bothered me, since I really love her Goddess-given origins.


The Amazons themselves, and their purpose, felt very true to what William Moulton Marston intended – an inspiring, loving force, fighting for peace. They are realistic, not sexualized (hello, so many battle scars and gorgeous aging ladies. They were so beautiful in that reality). And Diana is back to being the ONLY child on the island, so her specialness, and the isolation of her upbringing (that contributes to her yearning to learn more of the world) has been reestablished.

Themyscira was breathtaking, and based on all the lady statues around, it DOES seem like the Amazons still honor the Goddesses as well as Zeus. Other than the God-Killer sword and the origins of the island, Hestia’s lasso is the first magical item identified. So I do feel like their culture is equally Goddess-oriented even if that’s not the focus of the story.

Also, the way they provide the viewers with the backstory on Zeus, Ares and the Amazons is so beautiful and clever. And based on the fact that “Batman vs. Superman” implied that Diana faces a great loss, one that makes her jaded about mankind….. well, I was REALLY worried that they were going to somehow destroy Themyscira. I am so happy to report that is not the case.

And Diana herself is PERFECT. Who she is, what she believes in and who she chooses to be is so exactly spot on. Thank you, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot for giving us a True version of her. She lives from Love and inspires others to be their best selves, and that rings throughout the ENTIRE film. Where it mattered most, they did her true justice.

Steve also shone through very strongly, had great character development throughout the film just as Diana did. I won’t spoil anything, but as usual his gooberish, cynical-lightheartedness pairs so well against Diana’s seriousness and innocent curiosity. And they are so adorable. The plot, through their conversations, does a very good job establishing that yes, the Amazons don’t need men for romance, but they still show that Diana is open to being with Steve (I mean, even though her pansexuality is never blatantly addressed, they still keep that technically true despite the heterosexual romance she finds).

I have certainly developed a headcanon, btw, in which Diana has had girlfriends from amongst the Amazon townsfolk (who did not really get to know her in her childhood), but she’s never been allowed much freedom there, since Hippolyta is so overprotective. Thank you, writers, for still keeping that possible and not heteronormalizing her.

Her other companions in man’s world add so much to the story as well – Etta Candy is a funny and bright mark against the dreariness she first sees. She is, as always, enamored with Diana’s beauty right away, and there’s a GREAT moment about body image and size acceptance that I am so very grateful for. The team that Steve pulls together for their mission is so well composed – Etta stays involved, which is awesome, and the other men who go into the trenches with Diana each show so much of what’s important for her to see about mankind. They show her violence (and the film is so brutally, perfectly honest about what certain races of man have done to each other. How in some ways, we’re worse than Ares and we’re all to blame) but also hope, and love, in how they care for each other. She wouldn’t be able to do what she has to do at the end without seeing all of that in these people, and I think they did a fantastic job of expressing that.

Aside from Ares, the others villains she encounters are amazing. So very human, but still delightfully evil. The way they set up the darkness that’s motivating the war is very well done.

I am curious to see where she would go from here. I think they do a good job of showing why Diana has taken a step back from active superheroing by the time BvS rolls around. But even after all this, she had to live through a lot more of man’s wars – including WWII – before she met Bruce and Clark. I hope we get to see more of how she got to where she is in modern times. For now, I am assuming that the weight of seeing more warfare and of losing the new family she’s built around her to old age makes her more and more withdrawn.

So yes. When the credits ended, I found myself walking out of the theater feeling proud and strong. With that, and the fact that I want more of what this movie gave me, I really feel like they did an amazing job (or should I say, wonderful?).

Please please please everyone go see it. Diana has arrived and we are all the better for it ❤