So (as mentioned before) I have been blessed enough to get to do some design work for a local production of “The Snow Queen” by The Cherry Arts🙂  Many many many thanks to my friend Scott Hitz, of Pupphitz, for bringing me on. I’m extra excited and very grateful, in part, because this is among the fairy tales dearest to my heart.

Not to give away what they’re going to be used for, but here’s two more somethings from it❤

Information available here at The Cherry Arts’ website, as well as here and hereon Facebook, @thecherryarts on Instagram and Snapchat, and @CherryArtSpace on Twitter.

Full press release available here, too!

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cherrysnowqueen_sprites_wm cherry_arts_snow_queen___snow_queen_s_sleigh_by_rachelillustrates-dar2zpm