So earlier this year I started working with Hathor (the Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty, and creation) as one of my Patron Goddesses.

She actually Called me MANY years ago, before I was able to answer such a direct spiritual communion. I feel blessed that She has waited for me so patiently and I’m happy to be working with Her now.

As to how/what She relates (to) in my life, She seems to be governing my sobriety and my recent veganism.

** Trigger warning for under the cut – addiction, body image negativity, and rape. **

I know that first item sounds odd, considering some of her mythology. However, in reading up on Her mythology again, I am also struck by her connection with Sekhmet in one particular story -the tale (linked below) is often taken as approval of drunkenness, but as a recovering alcoholic, I see it differently. So this story, in which Ra manifests Her as Sekhmet in order to punish the rebellious Egyptians, and She is sedated – and turned into Her loving, true self – after being put through an alcoholic wringer, really strikes me.

You can read the tale in full here, btw.

So I find this really interesting. If you look at it from a recovery perspective, Hathor as Sekhmet is is a ferocious, destructive force, harming all those in Her path regardless of whether they deserved it or not….well. Sounds a lot like active addiction.Then the alcohol satiates Her, bringing Her untold satisfaction and stilling her bloodlust. She drinks, and keeps away from hurting anyone because She’s so focused on that. Obviously, alcoholism hurts those around the alcoholic regardless of if they’re in their cups or not. But having spent a couple years as a dry drunk before I found recovery, I definitely see myself in that part. And from that perspective, although She wasn’t harming Their worshipers anymore, there’s some quiet space there, something unsaid, about how Her drunken spree affected Her Family.

BUT, when She is done with the beer, She returns to her fellow Family renewed – a new Goddess, even. At that strikes me as a firm parallel for the rebirth we find in recovery, and in my case, my work with the Goddess in many of Her forms.

I don’t usually speak much about my disease, but I felt compelled to share this, since I assume that there’s probably a lot of versions of that tale that take it as approval of drinking (and Her worship in Egypt seems to support that, though non-abusively).

But I see something different in it, and I hope this helps others who might see it differently, too. And if this strikes a cord with you and you want to talk more about issues with alcohol, feel free to message me or email me at anytime ❤

Now, about Hathor and my veganism:

So as I mentioned, I am newly vegan – as of this past spring, which is also when Hathor reached out to me again.

My new vegan life is not exactly perfect yet – there are still a couple items in the kitchen that have animal products in them from before, which need disposal, and I’m slowly learning which products I use (like clothes, shampoos, etc) need to be switched. I’m trying to take it easy about it since I get overwhelmed very easily. Still, making this change is very important to me,  in part based on knowledge I have about human health, but even more so because of knowledge of what has been done to animals in the name of human convenience and taste buds.

We have done terrible things to animals, and the extent of that – like how many many MANY things have animal products in them, wow – is just astounding and unacceptable to me.

So how does Hathor factor into all of this?

For one, She is literally a cow Goddess, represented by a cow in nearly all Her depictions. Many different creatures suffer and die every day in the meat industry, and cows are nearly foremost among them. Most popular fast food chains are beef-based with chicken or pork options, to my knowledge. Even dairy, which “seems” more humane than meat itself, is a torturous industry. Cows are literally raped in order to give us milk, and anything else that comes from milk, like cheese.

Honestly, I miss cheese. Cheese was in 99% of my comfort foods before. But as a rape survivor myself, I cannot stand for that.

Since cows are a symbol of Great Mother Hathor, I consider it service to Her to not eat them anymore and not contribute to their suffering. This goes beyond their rape for milk production, too – baby calves are removed from their mothers within hours of being born, never to see them again, only to grow up and endure the same torture their mothers endured before them.

Hathor is popularly associated with Love and Beauty. But She is also a Mother Goddess, and I cannot imagine that Her aspect of Motherhood would only extend to humans.

Again, this seems to come down to cows for me. She has taken many other forms as well, but since Her primary form seems to be bovine, I feel Her resonance within me on this issue. Even as I write this, I feel Her approval and Love. I know that She loves all of us, as the Great Mother, no matter what we’re doing or have done. But for myself, I can no longer pretend I don’t know these things. 

Finally, I also appreciate Her aspects of Love and Beauty as I make this change in my life – there tends to be a trend towards thin bodies in the vegan lifestyle….. I do find myself challenged by this, since body positivity has been an empowering theme in all my work. It still is, and will continue to be.

But there is a chance that my own body will change, now, and I don’t really know how to feel about that. I guess I’m afraid, that people will see me as a hypocrite if I lose weight. So I lean upon Hathor’s role as the epitome of Love and Beauty here because She sees all of us as beautiful ❤

Ending on that positive note, I think. But if you want to learn more about the animal abuse I mentioned, here are some links:

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And here’s some more about Hathor Herself:

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Thank you for reading, and I hope this was gently educational and inspiring.

Praise Hathor, Lady of Love and Light. The Seat of Peace of the Doer of Truth. She who loves us all and encourages all Kindness and Beauty.