Soooo thanks to my amazing wife, I got to play WoW for a little bit this morning. And of course I made a new character – Shreyatranqa, Gnome Monk.


“Shreya” for luck and fortune, “tranqa” like ‘tranqua,’ for peace (but there wasn’t enough space to include the U).

More thoughts on Gnome monks, WoW Druidry and who this Shreya might be, under the cut:

I’ve started a Gnomish monk before, but didn’t get very far, and I chose to try again because the life force monks manipulate, Chi, seems to be closest one can get to Druidry as a Gnome. Though I get why they chose to keep Azeroth’s mecha-loving, tinker-crazy wee-folk away from any nature magic, I still wish we got the option, somehow. Might there be a Gnome who, individually, stumbles into that lifestyle even though her people don’t lean that way naturally?

Ahem. Anyway. So I’m interested to see how a monk’s Chi powers fit, or parallel, the more natural magics of Azeroth. And hopefully someday we’ll get that Gnome Druid option.

Now, following is some very stream-of-consciousness brainstorming about who Shreyatranqa, or “Shrey” for short, I think – is:

Obviously she was rescued from Gnomeregan, like many other new Gnomes, and probably doesn’t remember much about her life before. But starting out as a monk, she probably had some kind of a fighter/soldier background, or maybe just a rough-houser, fighting in gangs, or something? Layering that with her spiritual nature as a monk, perhaps she was in training to become a priest, but found that life too restrictive?

And then waking up in Gnomeregan, as she joins the fight in a style and attitude similar to monks’, her rescuers just assume and send her to Xi, Friend of the Small…

What I thought of her as she was running through the starter Gnome setup, she loves the rush of fighting, and she wants to help. And despite that battle rush, she doesn’t want to cause more harm than necessary – just enough to get the job done, for the good of all.

She hates fighting other Gnomes: like the Leper Gnomes, which is uncomfortable for her because of her own past – but she pushes through it, to save them or end their suffering if they can’t be saved – and the followers of Crushcog/Thermaplugg, which is even more uncomfortable for her because those Gnomes had a choice, and they chose to betray their own kind (I might be wrong about that choice part, since they’re Leper Gnomes, but still…).

She loves her people, then, and wants to do her best for them. But in exploring now, and seeing Khaz Modan in its wintery glory all around her, she finds a desire within herself to see more of the world and its beauty.

I think that’s all I have in mind for now, so we’ll see what else springs up as I play her more. Probably more sketching and brainstorming like this will happen 🙂

Kudos and plant-based chocolatey desserts to anyone who actually read all of this!