So I work in a hotel as my day job, and normally I try not to talk much about that on here, but I have a fun story to share:

A few nights ago, some guests checked in that are here for the whole weekend. It was a grown man and his elderly parents – I helped them with their luggage, but in the process I missed seeing his father as I took their luggage up to the room. While I was up there helping his mother get situated, he and his father parked the car and came back up, knocking on the door instead of using their key. I stepped over to open it, and upon seeing me, he delightedly asked if I was their Room Gnome.

Seeing as I am who I am, and he meant it so kindly and happily, I was delighted too. And of course, they’re getting art (and snacks) throughout the weekend, compliments of their Room Gnome.