Pencil sketch, Lukasanya, Orc shaman

Happy Orctober everyone ❤

My Llady and I have gotten back into WoW, and of course, I’ve started another toon instead of returning to one of my existing ones full-time. She exists on an RP server so I got to flesh out her backstory even more than usual (yay).

Lukasanya was born and raised in Orgrimmar, into a family of hunters and warriors very loyal to Thrall’s ways – that of peoples coming together to make Azeroth a better place, regardless of race, faction, etc. She was a quiet child, but observed all around her and quickly became very perceptive. She loved animals and made fast friends. Her family taught her their ways of cooperation, tolerance and peacefulness, and were very open about them with the other Orcs and Trolls, often bordering on a pacifism very unusual for their people.

Then, when Thrall left Orgrimmar and Garrosh Hellscream took the seat of power, her quiet childhood changed. Now a teenager, she saw her family become quiet and withdrawn about their ways, drawing as little attention to themselves as possible as Hellscream’s aggression toward other peoples bordered on abuse. Finally, one night, they and a few other families loyal to Thrall left their homes, traveling south through Razor Hill to settle in a small town on Durotar’s southern coast. They lay down their weapons and turned to farming or making trade goods, choosing to stay out of the brewing conflict.

The rest of Lukasanya’s teenage years passed quickly, and peacefully, as her family settled into a simpler life removed from the trials of Alliance and Horde. As for herself, surrounded constantly by nature for the first time, she felt herself inspired – and quickly changed. The elements sang to her, and her spirit thrived. Shortly before coming of age, she started manifesting shamanic magic.

Her family, surprised, was thrilled but unable to teach her. Some of the other families had shamans among them but none that had mastered the art. She began to grow frustrated, wanting to know more and perhaps use her new skills to help people – though the people she loved wanted to stay simply out of Hellscream’s conflict, she wish she could affect a change in the world, bring joy and peace where there was suffering.

When she began to express this, now of age and a woman with a right to speak, and strong voice, her family grew quiet and disapproving. Most just seemed to want to keep things the way they were, though some seemed afraid under all of that, too. She began to suspect that her family may have had another reason for leaving Ogrimmar, another reason for keeping out of the spotlight while Hellscream held power. When she asked about that, they grew even more silent. The whole family became tense, and it weighed on her.

Still, she could not help her curious nature or her desire to make change in the world. So instead of staying and failing to be passive about her passions, she chose to set out on her own. She packed her bags and headed back to Orgrimmar, using her gifts to help people as she could along the way.

In Orgrimmar, not wishing to betray her family by drawing attention, she began her search by checking any records the scribes had about Hellscream’s lineage. She didn’t find anything, but in that record hall, met a Troll woman who was visiting her family there. They were drawn to each other immediately, and soon fell in love and married. Both she and her wife, Zyndelok , had distinct purposes to follow – Zyndelok is a headhunter, travelling the world for bounty, while Lukasanya still seeks to help people and ease pain. While they often travel together, they sometimes quest apart, coming back together in joy when they can to share their lives.

After a time, she also traveled home to mend fences with her family. With her magic, she helped their farm to thrive as best she could, and chose not to bring more pain by mentioning her suspicions of their past. She still searches, when she can, and chooses to believe (for now) that their intent is pure.

She is a kind and compassionate woman, open to trust and sometimes a bit too forgiving, though she is clear about her own boundaries. She appreciates the simple things in life, especially small joys, and is honest about her opinions. She still especially loves animals, but is also drawn to help women in need and children (though she has no desire to have any of her own, seeing the struggles of so many mothers). She reaches out to most people that she meets, except for Blood Elves, because of loyalty to her wife and a painful history there. She is inspired by the Cenarion Circle and hopes, one day, to form a similar association of Shamans. For now, she has no plans greater than that and focuses on what she can bring into the world, as her magic has inspired her to do.

(She also likes caps and hats that accommodate her ponytails.)