(Goodness I wish my scanner didn’t kill light blues…. ^^; Altar shot included for better color reference.)

As I may have mentioned on here before, I am an eclectic Pagan. In my youth I was called by the Goddess as Athena, and also have an affinity for Persephone, Aine, and Blodeuwedd, as well as having worked with Hathor and the Morrigan.

Recently I have been strongly called again, by a Norse Goddess (and about time too, since I’ve been into Viking culture for at least a year and a half now, I think. I guess it just wasn’t time yet before).

Sigyn is the Goddess of compassion and endurance, wife of Loki. Her Ordeal is to witness the suffering of Her husband when He is bound in the cave (not to mention the tragic loss of Their sons), providing care and compassion through the loyalty of Her steadfast heart.

Here are some of my own associations and lessons from Her, so far:


The color pink

The color aqua

Rose quartz

Blue lace agate


Earth (the element of)


Gnome women

She has also encouraged me, in meditation after I wondered if She told stories to Loki in the cave (to pass the time), to write stories about love, and familial love, and the true magic that comes from that. She has also strengthened my own loyalties and helps me be calm and compassionate when I am at the end of my rope in all circumstances, both at home and at work, where I do customer service.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to be doing Her work, now. It’s only been a few weeks and already She has taught me SO much.

I also want to thank Galina Krasskova for her work on Sigyn at her previous blog (you can see her current work here). I read through her postings, among many other sites, as Sigyn first called to me, and found her writings and perspective on this amazing Goddess very helpful and inspiring.